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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Our lawn care program provides the proper blend of nutrients to provide a green, healthy, an thick lawn all season long. Our program includes only the nutrients your lawn requires, simple as that. We also use environmentally-friendly, non-phosphorous fertilizers in order to protect nearby rivers, lakes and streams.

Lawn Fertilization

GreenKeeper Turf Solutions uses a unique blend of organic and synthetic products. This environmentally sound and successful combination provides your lawn the nourishment it requires while drastically reducing the need for additional synthetic products required to obtain a lush, green, and weed free lawn. An additional benefit is the rich, dark green color that results without excessive growth. Our proven hybrid program works by not only feeding your turf, but by enriching the soil.

Grub Control

One of the biggest concerns that homeowners face in their lawn is grubs. Two beetles, the masked chafer, and the japanese beetle are the two main culprits in our region. 


Eggs laid in July turn into grubs that can destroy your yard in late August all the way into October. Adding to their destruction are  raccoons and skunks that will "roto-till" your yard in search of a tasty snack. Our properly timed grub control application will give you peace of mind and eliminate this recurring problem.


Weed Control

At GreenKeeper Turf Solutions, we pride ourselves in excellent weed control. Our spring broadleaf and preventative crabgrass control sets the stage for a beautiful and healthy lawn all season long. Our professional weed control works great on over 60 types of weeds, including difficult to control weeds like clover, crabgrass, and creeping charley. 

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